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The General Lee Restoration

Why should I trust the Smith Bros to build me a quality General Lee?

In your internet travels as you search for your dream car, you may have come across people claiming to be the "General Lee Experts", selling rusty bondo bucket Chargers splashed some shade of orange with a decal or two thrown on -and charging 4-5 times what the actual thing is worth, etc, etc. The Smith Bros. are nothing like these other shady con artists - of that you can assured... we love these cars as much as you do.

Who are the Smith Bros?

View Photo Diary of a General Lee Restoration by Smith Bros.!

For many, many reasons. First of all – Bob and James Smith know Mopars; backwards, forwards, and bolt for bolt. Their work has been profiled in many reputable magazines; Muscle Car Review, and Mopar Collector's Guide to name a few.

Secondly, the Smith Bros. have some special "tools" to bring your General Lee to life. Passion for the car. The Smith Bros. love the General Lee just as much as you do!

Where other's can only watch the episodes to get a gist of how to put together a General Lee, the Smith Bros. are privy to certain ‘insider information’:

The Real BoysThe Smith Bros have great friendships with the original Warner Bros mechanics that created and preserved the original series General Lees: Rich Sephton, Tom Sarmento and A.J. Thrasher.

These mechanics kept journals of all they did to the General Lees during the series, and have passed these ‘sacred texts’ on to the Smith Bros.

They have access to original General Lees, and even own one!

They did the impossible by recreating the legendary GL #26 out of a derelict original series General Lee with Rich Sephton for none other than Dukes stuntman Gary Baxley.

Real Push BarsThe Smith Bros. have actual original equipment from the legendary Warner Bros ‘General Lee Factory’ passed on to them by the Dukes mechanics, including A.J. Thrasher’s original jig used to make all the General’s front push bars.

The Smith Bros. build Hazzard stunt vehicles for official Dukes events, even having legendary Hollywood and Dukes stuntman Corey Eubanks trust his life to a Smith Bros built General Lee.

Smith BrosAnd most importantly of all – the Smith Bros. ALONE have received the ‘mantle’ of authority to continue the General Lee building tradition; from none other than Chief Warner Bros General Lee mechanic and creator of the General Lee Wheelstander: Rich Sephton. Rich is seen here as he figuratively and literally ‘Passes the Torch’ to Bob and James Smith:

You can trust the Smith Bros to build your General Lee with the passion and integrity it deserves - fully endorsed by the original "Dukes of Hazzard" family - from the actors, mechanics, and stuntmen!



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